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We appreciate your patience as we wind up the design and update of our new website.  Great news, while we have sold most of our 2011 lamb crop we have retained a few lambs of both market and breeding quality!  The market lambs are available for the Holiday season. Our breeding stock will pass along the lineage we have accumulated which we feel exemplify the triple purpose of the Icelandic sheep and we are only parting with these select sheep because we feel that we have ample redundancy of lineage. Please contact us for details if you find that you are interested in the last of this season's lambs.

Woollyboogers is a small family owned farm in the heart of orchard country outside of historic Gettysburg, PA. What initially began as a home for three Shropshire sheep has evolved into a herd that focuses mostly on Icelandic sheep with a few outcrossed to both Texel and Shropshire breeding stock.  While we value attributes that each of the breeds embodies, it is the Icelandic's versatility and thriftiness that we have come to appreciate the most.  We invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you may have.

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